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Water, sanitation and hygiene

Sewage works (Jordan)

Training on water infrastructure asset management was held in Jordan, one of the most water-scarce countries in the world, and the Netherlands in cooperation with Delft’s Institute for Water Education Delft and Wereld Waternet. On-the-job training on sewer cleaning was done in Jordan.

The time to solve problems has decreased. We don't have as many complaints. The sewers are clean. The safety of the workers has increased

Abdullah al-Assaf, sewage worker

Water Authority of Jordan

Mafraq is the location of the pilot programme. The City of Amsterdam in cooperation with Wereld Waternet and VNG International provided the water authorities with special sewer vacuum trucks, safety equipment and specialised equipment for sewer maintenance. In the Zaa’tari camp, 15 employees from NGOs and Yarmouk were trained, and safety equipment was handed over.

Sewage works in Jordan The results
  • Vast improvements in current sewer system performance.
  • Reduced need for high investments.
  • Increased employee safety.
Team members
  • World Waternet Experts World Waternet
  • Baker al-Hiyari, Hamzah Abaza VNG International Amman
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