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At the request of the Jordanian authorities, the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, VNG International and LOGOReP are providing assistance in setting up a good governance training institute with a humanitarian mission at heart –building the capacity of municipalities most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis.

Two Jordanian experts trained in the framework of the DGSI's Trainings for Trainers giving their own training.

Building the capacity of municipalities most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis

The institute will act as a knowledge and expertise centre, and assist municipalities in the delivery of basic services. The three priorities are local economic development, urban planning and decentralization. The DGSI targets Jordanian local governments, and will also be available to Lebanese municipalities and Union staff.

Interactive and inclusive trainings fostering the development of municipal expertise are at the core of our approach.

DGSI The results
  • Training of trainers in decentralisation.
  • Advanced and focused Training for Trainers in Citizen Participation and Local Economic Development.
  • Training for six independent experts on Local Economic Development and Citizen Participation, for coaching trainers working with the Jordanian ministries.
  • A guide, module and handbook on awareness raising on the importance of gender mainstreaming in local governments are under development and will be included as in courses offered by the DGSI.
Team members
  • Tala Khrais, Baker al-Hiyari, Hamzah Abaza VNG INTERNATIONAL AMMAN
  • Anne-Lies Risseeuw, Chloé Krantz, Boudewijn Cnossen VNG INTERNATIONAL THE HAGUE
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